Over the centuries, countless artistic traditions have focused on domestic life. For example, 18th-century genre scene paintings cultivated an image of the virtuous woman who worked peacefully in the kitchen as in the paintings of Jean Siméon Chardin. Since the 1960s, feminist artists have challenged this social standard through the contributions of their perspectives on the private space of the home in the public sphere. In the 21st century, this concept takes a step further: the home is genderless and does not need to necessarily be an anodyne scenario.

With these pieces, I present an ironic utopian metaphor: Domestic Art or Domesticated Art? As the question about the status of the artist and his work arises, as if it were an objet trouvé (ready-made art), we take the opportunity of acquiring beautiful, fun, unique objects to turn our house into a genuine universe.



Art and interior design are two interconnected disciplines that belong together because works of art are the ones that give interior spaces a soul. The artwork has an evident aesthetic impact, but at the same time, it has a story to tell.

Lockdown has made us reconsider and reformulate our relationship with our house to respond to the action of living. Housing, until now a great unknown, has had a major influence on people, who have learned to look at it from another perspective.

Spaces are our image, and the place where we live reflects the identity of those living there.

Home has taken on importance and feeling well in it reflects the art of living in new modernity. Home is our area of freedom, and with my proposals, I would like to offer living spaces that allow us to detect the richness of the domestic world, as well as enable us to provide them with a certain amount of humour with elements that are not only decorative but functional and authentic.

Apart from the evident aesthetic or transgressor impact, artistic creations have stories to tell. Many of them are unique pieces that are part of creative universes. Products that want to convey to customers a unique, personal and fun lifestyle vision, an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty.

To begin with, I have surrounded myself by artist friends who have supported me with their generosity and talent. I am starting with them a thrilling project, and I am sure that it will evolve over time.