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Pep Guerrero

Pep Guerrero is possibly one of the artists with one of the most characteristic styles and languages of the Balearic artistic outlook. His rapidly identifiable artworks are the result of the combination of painting and collage. Guerrero uses reproductions of images of Renaissance paintings and current paintings, such as stamped papers, toile de Jouy landscapes or animal print. From the get-go, these mixtures, both luminous and funny, become a kind of game to viewers. With an aesthetic close to Kitsch, pop art, or Dadaism, Guerrero’s works have a classical aura as well as they also play between reality and fiction. His works are everyday objects passed through the sieve of a very genuine aesthetic.

Guerrero has collaborated on several occasions with designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. He has exhibited in Paris, London, Hong Kong, and Buenos Aires and has participated in international art fairs such as Art Chicago (USA), Art Miami (USA), Affordable Art Fair Battersea (USA) and ArtFiera-Art First (Italy).

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