catala roig
Català Roig

Joan Pere Català Roig is a ceramist who uses extremely rigorous and often laborious techniques. The Balearic Islands have a long tradition of artisan ceramics that have formed an essential part of the Majorcan identity for centuries, especially thanks to the solid and well-made vessels that dot domestic life. Pottery-making is a popular and thriving activity in Pòrtol, where ceramic studios are mostly located and where unique hand-made pieces are produced locally. A mixture of culture, island life and the availability of the materials are the elements that, when living and working in Mallorca, contribute to the unique style of the work and identity of Català Roig.

Català Roig has one of the few wood-fired ovens that exist in Spain, or even in the rest of Europe. There are not many designs of such an oven, because it must be built manually and considering the production.

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