barbara juan
Bàrbara Juan

Bàrbara Juan has a special talent for elevating everyday objects to transform them into artistic objects. She began exhibiting her work in 1986 at the Fundació March in Palma and, since then, she hasn’t stopped exhibiting: Mallorca, Paris, Brussels, and ARCO (Madrid) between 1995–2001.

Juan is an artist who, from natural forms, brings the walls to life and makes them seem to flourish. Thus, she turns spaces into wellness areas full of harmony, balance, warmth and, naturality.

Pottery is her mean of self-expression, in which organic forms, beautiful silhouettes and phrases accompany their work. As proof of it, a phrase she extracted from a book so long ago that he does not even remember: “Quand on me retourna sos papiers et une photo.” (When somebody gave me back the papers and the picture). 

I want a Juan!

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