Chawan Petit

Chawan Petit


A mix of clays from Pòrtol, potter’s wheel, Food Save varnish.
Japanese oven, 24 h cooking.
Small: 6,5 x 7,5 cm.


Author pottery made in Pòrtol, Mallorca, with traditional Oriental techniques. Made by potter’s wheel with which the body’s rhythm is transmitted to each piece and provides a distinct personality to the final product.

These are pieces that for their simplicity and nudity of forms are associated with the ideas of the Zen culture.

It took seven years for Catalan Roig to build its Japanese oven (Anagama) with his hands. An oven that is unique in Mallorca and one of the ten Japanese ovens that can be found throughout Spain. The cooking time of these ceramic pieces causes that Català Roig must stay up to 24 hours controlling the whole process. They are unique pieces, made with a potter’s wheel and a combination of specific clays and minerals.

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