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SHOWROOM · Davinia 

Showroom specializing in kitchen furniture, cabinets and premium dressing rooms, presents Georgina’s Wallartpaper, the first collection of decorative paper published from Mallorca with the collaboration of Spanish artists and designers.

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Once I dreamt that... I was able to edit my own wallpapers. Here you can purchase my first collection with which you can fill with both art and colour the walls of any space you could imagine. Georgina Sas

Discover Georgina’s Store, the new online art shop in Mallorca where you can buy contemporary pieces of art to decorate houses, villas, hotels and restaurants. We design unique spaces.


The cat with no tail
Tatiana Sarasa
Ready To Start!
Albert Pinya
Pebres i constel·lacions
Núria Marquès
Je T’Aime
Bàrbara Juan
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